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Single diamond necklaces

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Single diamond necklaces

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Customer reviews for Single diamond necklaces

  • Aleksander

    People may pay attention to the brand, but for me, quality is more important. The ring turned out to be very beautiful and non-conventional. The result is better than my expectatio...

  • Sergey

    I saw your store in web and liked your jewelry products and their photos very much. And I wanted to know more about their subtle aspects. The result is delightful! Very pleased and...


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FAQ about Single diamond necklaces in India

What occasions are ideal for gifting a single diamond necklace?

A single diamond necklace is a perfect gift for various occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and as a symbol of love and commitment. Its versatility makes it a cherished and timeless present for special moments in life.

Can you share some care tips for maintaining the brilliance of a single diamond necklace?

Regular cleaning with a soft brush and mild detergent is recommended. Additionally, store your necklace separately to prevent scratching and consider professional cleaning for a deeper, lasting sparkle.

Do you offer different chain lengths for your single diamond necklaces?

Yes, we understand the importance of finding the right length. Our single diamond necklaces come with adjustable chain lengths to suit various preferences, allowing you to customize the fit.

How can I personalize a single diamond necklace to make it a unique piece?

We offer customization options, allowing you to choose the metal type, diamond quality, and even add engraving to create a single diamond necklace that holds special significance for you.
Prices for Single diamond necklaces in India
Heart Diamond Solitaire Necklace on Thin Chain White Gold ₹82,257
Rhombus Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Necklace Yellow Gold ₹82,257
Pear Diamond Solitaire Necklace on Thin Yellow Chain ₹82,257
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☑ Products quantity in the catalog 16
☑ The cheapest product price ₹96,650
☑ The most expensive product price ₹173,500