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Halo Rings in Gold

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Halo Rings in Gold

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1.13 ct Oval Yellow Diamond Ring with Diamond Halo

Price: ₹299,750 Add to Bag
White gold 18K, Various stones, Yellow diamond, White diamond
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Cushion 1/2 ct Yellow Diamond Ring with Halo

Price: ₹153,150 Add to Bag
Golden mix 18K, White gold 18K, Various stones, Yellow diamond, White diamond
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Oval Diamond Ring

Price: ₹180,800 Add to Bag
White gold 18K, White diamond
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Customer reviews for Halo Rings in Gold

  • Vladislav Diyev

    I've been looking for the engagement ring I wanted for a long time, and I found it right here. I was satisfied with the service from Pierre's team, and my future wife with the ring...

    Vladislav Diyev
  • Aleksander

    People may pay attention to the brand, but for me, quality is more important. The ring turned out to be very beautiful and non-conventional. The result is better than my expectatio...

  • David

    I decided to propose to my girlfriend. I liked the quality, beauty and attitude in PIERRE. The result is very positive! Strongly recommended!


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FAQ about Halo Rings in Gold in India

What makes Pierre Jewellery's Halo Rings in Gold a popular choice for engagements, and how does the halo design enhance the overall aesthetic?

Our Halo Rings in Gold are cherished for their timeless beauty. The halo design, featuring a circle of smaller diamonds surrounding a central gem, adds brilliance and visual impact, making it a stunning choice for engagements that beautifully captures the essence of everlasting love.

How does the Halo Ring design resonate with cultural preferences in Indian weddings, and are there specific gemstones that hold significance in this context?

The Halo Ring design, with its emphasis on brilliance, aligns well with the cultural preferences for ornate and dazzling jewelry in Indian weddings. Gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, or rubies, often used in halo designs, hold specific cultural significance, symbolizing prosperity and love.

What quality standards do the diamonds in Pierre Jewellery's Halo Rings meet, and how is the authenticity of the gold ensured?

The diamonds in our Halo Rings meet the highest standards for cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, ensuring exceptional brilliance. The gold used is sourced responsibly, adhering to stringent authenticity standards, reflecting our commitment to quality and ethical sourcing.

Can I choose from different gold tones for my Halo Ring, and are there specific gold tones that hold cultural importance in India?

Yes, we offer a variety of gold tones for our Halo Rings, including traditional yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. While yellow gold is traditionally significant in Indian culture, the choice of gold tone ultimately depends on personal preference and the desired aesthetic.
Prices for Halo Rings in Gold in India
Oval Diamond Ring Yellow Gold ₹88,899
Oval Diamond Ring with Pave in Yellow Gold ₹82,912
Cushion Diamond Halo Engagement Ring ₹88,899
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