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Anniversary Wedding Rings

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Anniversary Wedding Rings

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Customer reviews for Anniversary Wedding Rings

  • Mikhail

    I’m to propose my beloved half. PIERRE has a special attitude. And good price. PIERRE’s staff is very friendly. The result is divine!

  • Ilya

    I searched for a ring in the Internet, went through several stores, known and less known, and in thee end, I liked PIERRE the most in terms of quality-and-price balance. I'm happy ...


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FAQ about Anniversary Wedding Rings in India

What makes Anniversary Wedding Rings different from engagement or wedding rings?

Anniversary Wedding Rings are designed to celebrate milestones in a marriage, often featuring intricate designs and additional gemstones to symbolize the journey of love. They are distinct from engagement and wedding rings but equally meaningful.

Can I add more stones to my existing Anniversary Wedding Rings for a special occasion?

Absolutely! Our store offers customization services for Anniversary Wedding Rings, allowing you to add gemstones or make design modifications to commemorate special moments and anniversaries in a unique and personalized way.

Which gemstones are popular forAnniversary Wedding Rings in Indian culture?

In India, Anniversary Wedding Rings often feature gemstones with cultural significance such as rubies, emeralds, or sapphires. These gemstones symbolize love, prosperity, and longevity, making them meaningful choices for anniversary celebrations.

Are there specific traditions associated with gifting Anniversary Wedding Rings in India?

Gifting Anniversary Wedding Rings in India is a heartfelt tradition symbolizing continued love and commitment. It's a meaningful gesture, especially on milestone anniversaries, and many couples choose to exchange rings as a token of their enduring bond.
Prices for Anniversary Wedding Rings in India
Classic Petite Diamond Eternity Ring ₹90,741
Curved Diamond Eternity Band White Gold ₹96,500
17 Diamond Ring in 18K Rose Gold ₹91,045
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